Black Creek Watershed Coalition

Black Creek is valuable resource to our community – it offers recreational opportunities, provides fish and wildlife habitat, and enhances land values as a result of its beauty. The Black Creek watershed consists of all the land that drains to Black Creek and its tributaries.

The Black Creek Watershed Coalition was formed in 2002. The Coalition members include municipal officials, staff and board members, representatives from county, state and federal government agencies, institutions of higher education, agricultural interests, environmental groups and businesses as well as concerned and interested citizens. Any interested party is welcome to attend their meetings, meeting dates and location are posted on their website (

The Coalition has been very successful in working with various agencies to obtain grants that have made possible many accomplishments, including a website, a State of  the Basin Report, an analysis of local laws, a survey of the Black Creek corridor, and a project to control erosion on a vulnerable stretch of Black Creek. The Coalition is currently working on publishing a map guide to the watershed.

The Black Creek Watershed Coalition in conjunction with the Oatka Creek watershed Committee has recently been awarded $150,000 from the State of New York to prepare Watershed Management Plans. The Plans will include technical investigations related to water quality, flooding, and fish and wildlife populations; public outreach and education programs; and an implementation and funding strategy.

Black Creek Water Shed Coalition Members:

  • Lyle Warren
  • Planning Board Chairperson