Black Creek Trail Feasibility Study

Black Creek Trail Feasibility Study

Objective: To study the feasibility of an approximately 15-mile-long multi-use trail system parallel to the Black Creek stream and linking Black Creek Park, the Genesee Valley Greenway, and Churchville Park in the Towns of Chili and Riga and the Village of Churchville.

Committee Members:

• Dave Dunning, Town of Chili

• David Linsday, Town of Chili

• Pat Tindale, Town of Chili

• Bob Ottley Town of Riga

• Debbie Campanella, Town of Riga

• William Maysick, Town of Riga

• Nancy Steedman, Village of Churchville

• John Hartman, Village of Churchville

• Lyle Warren, Village of Churchville

• Andrew Raus, Bergmann Associates

• Sue Steele, Bergmann Associates

• John Steinmetz, Steinmetz Planning

For further information, follow the progress on these websites:


Project Progress(9/2012): No Landowner meetings were conducted due to lack of interest/feasibility at the properties discussed at our last meeting.  The trail will be located in the public right-of-way for its entire length.  We have completed the gap studies (findings do not impact our preferred alignment), we are wrapping up the required hydraulic assessments, and we have further developed the trail design for the preferred trail alignment. 


Meeting Summary


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Public Meeting 5/23/12

Exisiting Conditions Board

 Infield Data Collection Board

 Meeting Handout

Draft Study

Meeting Summary 5/13/12