Stop the Tax Shift

On November 10, 2008, the NYS Conference of Mayors unveiled a new Web site called The purpose of the Web site is to assist state and local officials, the media and the public in gaining a better understanding of how state actions taken in Albany affect our local communities and our taxpayers.

In order to accomplish this, the Web site contains several features. First, it provides a brief history of the state’s municipal aid program – AIM – and illustrates the direct correlation between this essential funding source and municipal property taxes. In addition, the Web site includes a description of 45 state mandates and how they impact local officials' capacity to manage government operations and control costs. Each week, one of those mandates will be featured as the "Mandate of the Week" and will appear on the Stop The Tax Shift home page. To put the "tax shift" message into perspective, the site includes a blog from Joe Taxpayer who will discuss, in practical terms, the impact that state mandates and potential cuts in aid would have on New York’s property taxpayer. Finally, provides visitors with a vehicle to quickly and easily send a message to state policy makers and the media, allowing all New Yorkers to take part in the "stop the tax shift" campaign.

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