Community Center

The Village of Churchville is in the process of considering the conversion of the former Village Fire Department building located at 23 E. Buffalo Street into a Community Center.  The need for a Community Center was established during the 2005 Charrette.  A committee has been established to research this possibility.

Nancy Steedman, Mayor, Village of Churchville

Don Suter, Deputy Mayor, Village of Churchville

Diane Pusateri, Trustee, Village of Churchville

Deb Campanella, Councilperson, Town of Riga

Dave Thomas, Recreation Director, Town of Riga

Ray Ehrmentraut, Boy Scouts of America

Wendy Reese, Girl Scouts of America

Frank and Dolores Perry, Senior Citizens of Riga (SCOR)

Jim Ehrmentraut, Churchville Lions Club