Wind Storm Power Outage 2017

Wind Storm Power Outage 2017

Wind Storm Power Outage 2017

Ed Rivers and Adam Hettis return after mutual aid to RG&E in the Rochester area.

Please join me in thanking the Churchville Municipal Electric crew for the great job they did restoring our power.  They worked non-stop fixing wires, downed trees and poles in our village.  And thanks to the village office staff who stayed beyond hours to answer phones.

The village restoration was completed in about 3 hours’ time…but, we still did not have lights on due to the feed from National Grid being disrupted.

Remember, the Village of Churchville distributes the power to our residents within the village limits.  But, that power comes to us from outside of the village via National Grid.  A large tree had brought down the National Grid line that feeds Churchville.

We are fortunate that we have two different power lines that come to the village from National Grid.  Through the diligent work by DPW Superintendent Paul Robinson, the National Grid problem was located and a plan to reroute power to the village was devised.  I made a phone call to Tony Modafferi, Executive Director of the Municipal Electric Utility Association (MEUA), and National Grid sent a team to meet with Paul.  By 3:45pm on Thursday the power feed was restored to the village substation.  We had been without power for a total of about 24 hours.

Once we had power to our substation, we could then power up the village and we did so in three phases to ensure that everyone was brought power safely and successfully.  That whole process only took a half hour.

The Village crew had a lot to do while we waited for National Grid to connect us.  The crew was able to remove trees and branches from the roads and sidewalks.  Two utility poles that were broken were replaced and the distribution system was inspected to ensure service to all our customers would be restored smoothly and safely.

On Friday, after we had our power restored, mutual aid was called by the MEUA.  Churchville sent a bucket truck and two linemen in response to this mutual aid to help restore power with RG&E in the Rochester area.  On Sunday the snow started to fall and made the power restoration efforts more challenging with the wild weather and snow accumulation.  Our electric crew did not return until Thursday, March 16th.  The MEUA had 45 linemen from 17 villages in NYS helping restore power in the Monroe County area.

Even though we were without power for 24 hours, we were so lucky that it was during warmer temperatures.  And we are so lucky that it was restored in a timely fashion.  My hat is off to DPW Superintendent Paul Robinson, Village Clerk Meghan Lodge and all of our Village of Churchville employees!  A job well done!!

Mayor Nancy