For any malfunctioning street light please call 585-293-3720 or 585-293-3366.

The Village of Churchville prides itself on its customer service.  If you experience a power outage or problem with your electric supply please call 293-3366 or for an emergency after hours you can call 746-8025.  As the situation unfolds if it is more than an isolated incident we will man the phone at the Department of Public Works (293-3366) to provide updates.  Please be patient as it can often take more than 30 minutes to diagnose the problem.

Electric Franchise Map

During a power outage please be aware of who your electric provider is.  The Electric Franchise Map above will show where the Village of Churchville provides electric.  National Grid is the electric supplier for Riga residents OUTSIDE of the Village of Churchville.  For outages in that area please call 1-800-867-5222.

There are many reasons a power outage occurs such as power lines down, malfunctioning electrical equipment, a motor vehicle accident taking down a pole or problems with the transmission system serving the Village Substation.