Public Service Law Section 66-P

Gas and electric billing information for residential rental premises.

Every gas corporation, electric corporation and municipality shall make available to any landlord or lessor of residential rental premises, within ten days of receipt of a written request therefor from any prospective tenant or lessee thereof, prior to the commencement of tenancy or execution of a lease, information consisting of the charges incurred at such premises for gas or electric service or both for the life of the dwelling unit or the preceding two year period, whichever is shorter. Such information shall be identified solely by the address of the dwelling unit, and no other information identifying the owner, lessee, or other occupant of the dwelling unit shall be utilized for, or made available in connection with, the furnishing of billing information pursuant to this section. Such information shall be furnished to both the landlord or lessor and to the prospective tenant or lessee without the imposition of any charge or fee therefor by any party to any party.

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