The new electric substation project is well underway.  The substation building is located on Sanford Rd N between the railroad tracks and Qualicoat.  This new enclosed substation is more reliable and more attractive than the current one that is at the end of Richmond Ave.

This project will require numerous scheduled power outages over the next few months as we change all of the overhead transformers throughout the Village, then make the connections to National Grid’s system.  Finally, sectionalized outages throughout the Village will occur as the system is converted to a higher primary voltage. We will strive to give as much notice as possible to all of these outages by either door-to-door, a letter or in the Suburban News.

The Village Board and every employee of the Village understands that this project will cause numerous inconveniences and we appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we work through this very extensive project.  When this project is completed we can all look forward to many years of reliable service without concerns of overloaded circuits and lines.